what i like about you

why i like the male species:

They’re cute

They smell soooo good (Old Spice☺)

They give you butterflies without even trying

They can make your day with just one word

They hold you (and make you feel small in their arms)

When they show affection in public

When they act like your petty worries are important just to make you feel better

When they make you forget your petty worries just by being there

When they make life seem SO SIMPLE

When the make you chase

When they chase you

When they make you feel worth a lot of energy

How they look when they get out of the shower and their hair is wet

When they tell jokes

When they’re dirty, it’s sexy

When they don’t care – it’s sexy

When they get dressed up

When they are working out and sweaty

When they try and play it cool but you can tell they’re nervous

When they observe small and wonderful things about you that you never realized about yourself

When they take charge

When they kiss you on your forehead, nose, cheek, hand

When they pick you up

When they drive

When they have to do something serious and take it really seriously… I just think that’s cute

When they don’t have shirts on

When they genuinely smile because something made them happy

When you know that it’s you that made them happy

When they listen to you talk forever

When they admit they’re wrong

When they call you pet names or nick names

When you discover that they’ve said something really wonderful about you to other people

When they are shaving

When they call you just to say hey and hear about your day – no reason

How they have tanned backs and necks and white butts

The jewelry they pick out for you

When they give you flowers

When they believe in you when you need to hear it the most (or when no one else does)

When they fight for you

When they are loving

When they play with kids/hold babies

When they are charming & you know they are being charming but you’re falling for it anyways

When they say “You’re beautiful”, “You’re amazing” etc out of absolutely no where

When they believe you are special and tell you that AND make you feel it

The way they will be the big spoon (sacrifice watching their favorite movie, etc) for you just because they love spoiling you

The way they protect you

The way they look in sunglasses

The way they love ball caps even though… didn’t those go out of style in 6th grade?

When they are old school and pay your way into the movies

When they are old school and pick you up at your door and walk you back

When they say “I can’t keep my hands off you”

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