Hey Jude, (don't do that thing that you do with the water)

My cat finds satisfaction in digging his head into tall glasses of water even though he has his own perfectly cat worthy bowl by his food. This causes anxiety. We've had many a spills from his curiosity, but the worst was two days ago when my big orange cup was beside my laptop... I honestly don't know how I would ever pay to replace/repair an accident like that if I hadn't have been so lucky. I noticed right away, dropped what I was doing and proceeded to pick up my computer and literally dump the water off of it, kick Jude really hard, and make my way to the bathroom to take the blow dryer to it saying very loud cuss words along the way.

Luckily my computer is somehow okay. But... note to self.

Don't freaking leave anything uncovered in the presence of this dumbass cat.

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  1. HAHAHAHA. im actually laughing out loud. what is it with cats and feeling the need to drink out of everything except their own water bowl. im wikipediaing that shit..