Kabuki or BUST

My new job = Kabuki.

It's a Japanese Sushi restaurant and it's run by Koreans. I guess the best part about it is the free chicken teriyaki I get every shift I work. Haha but no really - working at Kabuki, my passions really are confirmed and can be summed up in one word - PEOPLE.

Even though my manager can be really awful sometimes (yes, mmhmm, indeed, he makes me cry that son of a bitch), I am so incredibly happy when I'm at work. I realized it's because I truly adore people, and I get to be the first one to speak to them when they come in the restaurant and the last one to see them as they leave. I take a lot of pride in that. I take a lot of satisfaction in knowing that I won't miss anyone who comes in to Kabuki in the run of my 5 hour shift. I love talking to people - "What are you folks doing tonight?" "Cute shoes! Where did you get them?" "Oh wow, I love your accent. Lemme guess... Australia?" "I hope you have an amazing birthday!! You seem to have really good friends" ... ETCETRA etcetra

I don't know why I love that responsibility so much. It's not just about walking people to their seat for me - it really truly isn't!! It's about connecting to the people I meet everyday because really - there are so many people in this world and I want a chance to find something beautiful in more than just my close friends and family. I want to reach out and find something in everyone that I can use to improve myself. Even if it's the snobby man sitting alone at the Sushi bar, complaining that I served him regular instead of Happy Hour prices (OKAY - THAT'S TOTALLY NOT OKAY) ... he teaches me to take critical examination...

I make little to no money working at that job. It's 12.5 miles away and getting rides is a total bummer most of the time. My shifts are far and few in between. I am constantly scrutinized by my manager (who, by the way, I still try to make smile and it hasn't happened yet). And the people I work with definitely think I have had too much to smoke. But I realized it's because of me, not because of my cirumstances, that life is so pleasing, and that the people think I smoked too much because they are in their Orange County bubble where people don't take their walls down. Everyone's so afraid to let people in here, and being at Kabuki has helped me realize that I'm not like that.

I love PEOPLE.

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