Ha... some blogger I am. I write all my blogs at once... Muahaha.. just so they come in waves... just so you can't enjoy reading them at your disposal but you must read many things at once if you want to know about my life... muahha...


We spend too much money on frozen yogurt (Cherry On Top. Coveted. Most adorned.)

We love Taco's and Co. Happy Hour - $1 tacos and $4 pitchers? Yes please.

I think paying my Visa Bill is going to be a long and dreadful process.

I enjoy socks.

Days off work equals beach. Beach equals tan.

Claire and I <3 RockHarbor. Best church I think I've ever been to.

God is weaseling his way back into my life ... haha weaseling. No. He just loves me. And I am so grateful for that. Slowly but surely... I'm letting him change me.

My courses = Dead. I have no idea how I'm going to finish both summer courses by the time school starts.

I enjoy Sandy Hill Camp reunions (Alex from MD. Jordan from New Zealand.)

I learned how to play n64 007.

Kirby Ward. You will be missed. Ashram will never be the same without you. Rest In Peace, friend. I'll see you soon.

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  1. we actually have a problem. i think cherry on top is like Chinese food.. they put crack in it.