Hearts are Magnets

Tonight I catch the 8pm ferry back to the mainland. I'm nervous. I know Riley is too. This morning I was in his arms and he started this conversation:
"Are you scared?"
"Yep. Are you?"
"What are you afraid of?"
"That it's going to fade"
At this point, I have nothing to do with this... and neither does Riley. I feel like our "success" (whatever that standard may be) is purely contingent on our faith. It's not based on our schedules matching and having a Skype date every day just to make sure we stay in touch. It's not based on our comings and goings, our good talks and our bad talks. I think we've both come to realize that this is beyond those surface things. I think it has been from the first time we've talked. Jason Reeves's, Hearts Are Magnets, describes it perfectly:
"And it's obvious that this is beyond both of us
'Cause hearts are magnets
Pulling us together"
At this point I realize that the best way to go about this is to throw my hands in the air, tell God I love him, and that I want only his will - his best. My hope is that his plan is what I feel it is. I know I don't need to predict the future to believe that this will be what it will be, and that if God is in it, it's going to be everything I've always wanted and more.

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