ben harper was onto something...

i just read a great, wonderful thing. &i just can't not share.

"So if the Son sets you free, you'll be free indeed." John 8:36
... sometimes the pain of our past comes calling. many people, particularly women, have an emotional disposition or personality type that lends itself to dwelling on bitter memories. our adversary often misuses this sensitivity to accuse and discourage us. he tempts our thoughts with guilt over past deeds. he calls into question the penalty of our past as if it is somehow unpaid - an outstanding debt he convinces us we must pay ourselves. we respond to his perverse persuasion by feeling as if we don't deserve the love of family or friends, much less God's love. after what you've done? who are you kidding? this is the language of lies-a familiar tongue to anyone who longs to be free from a shameful past.

he tries to slip the chains of guilt back on our shoulders. And sometimes we again pick up those old familiar chains - our guilt feels so comfortable that we revert to it out of habit. but Christ has set us free.
He paid the full penalty for our wrong. every wrong thought, word or action - all paid for.
don't believe the lie. God set you free; the Jesus, the Christ, died that you would be free - but you must choose to live that way.

"His call on our lives is a call to liberty. freedom is the cornerstone of christianity."

[paraphrased from biblegateway.]


  1. LAY HOLD OF THIS from a recent sermon that blessed me:

    we tend to approach God on the basis of OUR follow through on OUR commitments to God - so that if we've had a good run, we're having our quiet times, we're holying it up, full of fire and walking it straight, we approach God boldly, and feel confident using love language toward Him -
    the right way is to approach Him however, is on the grounds of HIS commitment, and HIS follow through on HIS commitments to us.
    SO then we don't put ourselves in the penalty box and get out of the game in our little protestant purgatory because we fell - feeling embarrassed to use love language with Him as if He will roll his eyes and say "ya right... I saw you last night...". Instead we know we can ALWAYS come boldly and tell Him we love Him and not hide from Him or pull back (just what the adversary wants) because HIS love isn't deterred or deferred and all He wants is our snuggles ALL the time. His payback is for us to keep taking. Take and say thank you. It shows total reliance and gratitude, and that's what He wants. Take and say thank You!

    LOVE YOU RENA. I dreamed about you last night. crazy. thinking about you a lot lately...

  2. jenn... that's so poignant and perfect for me. it's TRUTH! now rena... apply!