Things are really looking up. And not only because we have each other. Right now, I don't think things could possibly be more ideal for us.

Vegas = Bomb. It was incredible. I am so happy I was fortunate to go with such a wonderful person such as JR - he really took care of me. The entire trip (3 nights and 4 days) with going to 3 clubs, the formal dinner, the Blue Man Group, and the Renaissance Theater Dinner, drinks, meals, and gas all included, I only spent $60 which is something I don't think many people can say they've done. I am very lucky to say the least.

Alli and I came home from Vegas and enjoyed a few short nights at the Suvanto's and then packed our gear, and headed for the shore - Huntington Beach.

We left on Saturday, May 30th, Claire's birthday, and our present for her was a Hookah - one of her FAVES. Luckily, we got it second-hand from a friend at Sigma Nu, Clint, and basically got it for free. However, when we stopped in Bakersville on the way to Huntington, Alli and I had the BRILLIANT idea to make Claire's birthday even more ideal and buy her a kitten - her other fave. So we back-tracked to the SPCA and found out that neuterd kittens were only $30. It was a done deal, and we picked out the one that stood out from all the others. A soft orange kitten with boogers in his nose and protien in his eyes, and kitty litter stuck to his head. But he was special to us (mostly Alli's pick).
Claire was SO happy to get both presents and I don't think we could have celebrated her birthday any better. We named the Kitten Jude, and Claire also liked the name Hashbrown, so we just kinda call him both. We went to Claire's Dad's (Ron) and met her extended family. Ron made us the most amazing chicken taco's I have ever tasted. The chicken he BBQ'd and the Guacamole was made perfectly. We ate them with Margarita's and I met Claire's childhood friend Nancy Tolman - such a great girl. We went to a really great bar called Woody's and when Midnight struck, I was celebrating my 21st birthday.

The Sunday after was my time to shine as the birthday girl, and we spent the day relaxing (exactly what I wanted), we watched Me, Myself and Irene, and the girls made me Raspberry Coffee and a wheat bagel with creamcheese and tomatoes (my fave). In the evening we went to a frozen yogurt bar called Cherry on Top and it was incredible frozen yogurt. Then the three of us went to the beach with our blankets, and a notebook, talked, and wrote down all the things on our heart, and the things we really want to get out of this summer.

I woke up on June 1st, feeling a fresh start to my life. I'm now in the OC, I'm now an adult, and things are definitely looking up :)

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