33 Mandrake

June first was the day we finally moved into our humble abode. I honestly could not have been happier with the living situation. Our room (which the 3 of us share) is huge because it's actually a double garage converted into a bedroom (by the wonderful sub leaser Andreas) with hardwood floor laid down, a bar, a full fridge just for us, a wonderful sofa area with a coffee table (basically our own private living room) and a big bed for us to share with a curtain around it. Luckily we also have our own washer and dryer too which is amazing. He also has blue Christmas lights strung all over the room and light dimmers. It was perfect for us, our new kitten and our hookah. Outside of our room, there is a gorgeous kitchen with beautiful cabinets, marble counter tops, and ceramic tiles. We have two large sliding glass doors into a really great backyard and a living room with a large TV. The upstairs consists of our bathrooms, and the 4 bedrooms where our dude roommates sleep.

Andreas seemed really nice as we moved in all of our stuff (which turned out to be one truck and two carloads full of goodness knows what). He left and we started unpacking and organizing.

We met the roommates one by one and they are so great!! So not only was our room and house bueno but so are the guys. Three of the four are in theater... so you can expect some wacky peeps in the house. But they are all so unique and wonderful in their own way.

First, Alex was the first person we really got to know. Found out he's a huge movie buff, and an absolute genius. He's brain is huge. He knows so many random movies, books, songs, artists, etc. Last night he left our little shindig at midnight to go write a play for one of his classes... Not every day you meet people who just write plays and are good at it.

Johnson is the burly rugged cowboy in the house. He's big, intimidating, but a real teddy bear at heart. He does try to be the tough guy but... we see passed it. :) He is incredible at BBQing and cooking and last night just started making homemade BBQ sauce... slightly impressive.

Tom, is great. And his girlfriend Nancy is a real sweetie. Tom has a real skill for piano and word in the house is that he'll just sit at the piano and amuse himself for hours (record of 3 hours and 15 minutes) composing by ear and reading the hard stuff... he's got fast fingers to say the least. Nancy doesn't live here but she basically does. She's a tiny girl whose major is Dance. She really looks like a dancer and I can't wait to actually see her bust a few moves.

Frank is the other foriegner in the house!! He's from Germany and speaks pretty broken english. I've noticed the roomates interaction with him consists of teasing him, and trying to help him understand different words we use. Some of the ones I heard were words like Squirrel and Lesbian. Haha, he's great though and he shared a beer with me so I think I bonded with him.

Last night everyone gathered in our garage room, and we bonded over the kitten and how we aren't even allowed to have cats in the house but everyone fell in love with Jude. We had a lot of laughs last night and were literally in here from the afternoon until midnight sharing stories and getting to know one another. I think we made a really good choice when we chose 33 Mandrake way :) And I'm not sure which was rocked more - us or 33.

Loving it, either way.

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