you can... but you shouldn't

You can, but you shouldn't complain that things are boring - that there isn't enough going on. That your town is too small, your weekends are repetitive, and your motivation for life in general isn't strong enough to actually do anything about it. We, as a generation, have been so overloaded with excitement that it turns to white noise. I remember dating a guy in high school who took a vacation with his family every single spring break. I think it's nice they spend their money on quality time together as a family but I noticed his 8- and 10-year-old siblings being less than impressed by Disney World because they had been there so many times that its excitement wore off. While on the topic of Disney, I even noticed the huge gap between my excitement and my friends' this summer when I finally had the opportunity to go. It was my first time and growing up, the exciting vacations me and my family took were to PEI and Moncton - cheah... Crystal Palace... Sandspit... so bomb.
Okay, okay. I'll admit I am kind of envious of people who grew up going to really amazing places and experiencing travel before they were even old enough to travel on their own. My point isn't to say that traveling and excitement and big Christmas's are bad in and of themselves. I guess my point is just to say that we are so bombarded by materialistic forms of pleasure and joy that we exhaust ourselves with so many activities and it becomes increasingly more difficult to satisfy our needs.
Just a thought to ponder on.
Maybe... when we are feeling bored... that we don't have enough... or that we're not doing enough exciting things, we should really stop and be grateful that we don't have something in our lives to legitimately complain about - as many of us do. If we find ourselves in a place where things are just plain boring, don't jinx it by wishing you had something to do. Because sure enough, there will be times you'll have something to do - and it will be anything but pleasurable. We are just on such roller coasters. Sometimes we're going up. Sometimes we feel we're crashing down. And sometimes we are at a standstill - the place in the roller coaster where you're moving but you're not feeling anything. Be thankful for those moments.
Be grateful. When you have a pet pass away (RIP Jude), you get dumped by a significant other, or worst of all, you lose a loved one or close friend to a tragic accident, you'll really notice the difference between boredom and drama, trauma, and sadness. And you'll miss having nothing to do or think about.
Let's just think about it friends.


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