Alright MOM

Mom says my blog is too wordy: "Rena I read it all but if I wasn't your mom I wouldn't have" haha... so It's boring. Cool. Oh mom... you're such a mom.
Okay here's a point form version of my thoughts:

  • Frats are weird. Yes I'll say FRATS and not fraternities. I have yet to figure them out.
  • California is HOT. But they say these are the cooler temps. So this should be interesting.
  • We have a place to LIVE. Woot. It's at Sigma Nu in one of their apartments. And it's 4 girls sharing one room. Haha. This should be wild.
  • I almost have a job. Okay I keep telling people I have it but technically I don't but practically I do. I mean she said "We're so excited to have you with us." and "I told my husband about you last night!" So... I'm going to take that as yes. It's at Quiksilver! And I'm just waiting for a phone call.
  • Claire got a job at Crombie and she's looking for another one. (PS SARAH. I'm getting you the skirt tomorrow!)
  • I want Tim Horton's coffee. Mom, will you send some? Please?
  • I love that there are no clouds here. Do you know how rad it is to wake up everyday to perfect weather? Amazing. And it's not a vaca. It's summer residency. :) RAD.
  • When camp starts, don't tell me stories. I'm going to be jealous.
  • Me and Claire joined a gym today. Expensive, yes. But amazing. Too much food going into my body lately. Not a good call.
  • I need to start my online course soon. It's starting to freak me out.
  • We get visitors this summer. Alex Carlson, Ben MacKinnon, and Jordan Lilley. I can't wait to see them!!
  • We're going to Vegas on the 26th. I'll be there for my 21st Birthday
  • It's going to be hard to not spend a million dollars a week on ForeverHoe (that's what they call it here) ... it's just so great.
Okay there was a boring update. No life lessons. Just random stuff.

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